To pioneer and lead a new investment process for yielding value from the financial markets.

An Australian funds management firm, Spatium Capital is the 7-year culmination of R&D, investment research and corporate structuring.


Over this period, long-term associates Nick and Jesse tried and tested the investment approach to its current working form. With the backing of a cornerstone investor, the Spatium Small Companies Fund was launched.

Spatium Capital represents an emerging breed of fund managers, with a vision to pioneer new investment processes for yielding value from the financial markets. We believe many listed companies are susceptible to being momentarily oversold or undervalued due to herd mentality and market psychology. In applying a clinical and disciplined investment process, we hope to inspire our investors to strive for higher returns on their capital.

As we continue to seek undervalued equities, we invite you to get in touch to discuss joining the Spatium Capital journey.



Spatium Capital looks to maintain a highly liquid portfolio that will enable agile decision-making when new investment opportunities arise.


The investment strategy is founded on a robust filtration process. Spatium Capital believes operating a repeatable approach mitigates the risk of bias or error and results in a greater consistency of outcomes.


By prioritising criteria sought by our stakeholder base, Spatium Capital has developed an investor-centred approach that facilitates flexibility for investors.